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History, Not One Bad Matchup, Will Be The Final Judge Of Jon Scheyer’s First Season

The winding road of Scheyer’s first Blue Devil team needs to be viewed in full to appreciate this squad’s story

Someone Has To Say It: Duke Is Underseeded

Despite a favorable East region, a 5 seed is inconsistent with how the committee evaluated the Blue Devils’ peers

Duke Fans, Enjoy A Different Kind Of Selection Sunday

This year, Duke is the hunter, not the hunted

Now We Learn If Jon Scheyer Has “It”

How Duke responds to Saturday’s heartbreak will say a lot about its young coach

Duke Beats UNC If...

The keys to a Blue Devil victory are simpler than you might think

Worried About Duke Making The Tourney? These Numbers Should Help Ease Your Mind

Despite a disappointing start to ACC play, Duke remains well off the bubble

Worried About This Year’s Team? Remember Where Things Stood In 2016.

Duke’s in notably better shape than they were in one of their most challenging seasons of the one-and-done era

No Silver Linings

Duke was humiliated in Raleigh, and now we’ll see how a young team and head coach respond

Duke’s Loss To Wake Forest Highlighted Dereck Lively’s Importance

The Blue Devils’ lethargic loss without him showed how much of an impact Lively makes on the court

With Dariq Whitehead Improving Quickly, How Will He Change Duke?

Whitehead’s increasing minutes will have to come at someone’s expense, but there’s no clear weak link on the deep Blue Devils