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DBR Podcast #142: Cam...Just...Did...That!

A new podcast discussing a new hero!

Duke #4 in AP Preseason Top 25

It will be #2 vs. #4 in Indianapolis on November 6th.

Dan Kane’s UNC Series: Part IV

For courage, for persistence, for depth and for impact, Kane really deserves Pulitzer consideration for his work on the UNC scandal.

ACC Football Roundup

Louisville’s stunning win over FSU was the ACC highlight of the weekend.

Dan Kane’s UNC Series: Part II

This has gone on for so long that it’s really useful to get a retrospective. We've forgotten so much - but there’s too much to keep track of.

Dan Kane Drives Heels Insane (Again)

The N&O’s Kane is on to a four-part look back at the sprawling UNC scandal

Following NCAA’s Lead, ACC Pulls Events From North Carolina

Both organizations pulled events over HB2

ACC Preview #3 - UNC

The Tar Heels lost a lot but have a potential break-out star in Seventh Woods.

ACC Preview #2 - NC State

Last year wasn’t easy for Maverick Rowan and the Wolfpack, but brighter days are ahead.

ACC Preview #1 - Wake Forest

Wake Forest is young but Danny Manning is building a solid team.

ACC Football Roundup

Week one mostly done.

An Interesting Detail About USA Basketball’s Hiring Of Coach K

An unexpected endorsement by Coach K’s greatest rival.

UNC Football Coach Larry Fedora Steps In It

Bringing on a coach with a clearly abusive history? At a school with massive issues already?

Three Good Questions About Three ACC Coaches

As they say, that’s why we play the games

A Surprise Resignation At Georgia Tech

It’s not an ideal situation for everyone, but it’s a great situation for someone.

ACC-Big Ten Challenge Times, TV Schedule Released

The annual tradition continues. Will the ACC dominate?

UNC Scandal Strategy: Delay, Obfuscate And Lawyer Up

Come To Think Of It, A Lawsuit Could Be Fun

We might actually get to the bottom of some things.

Miami’s Brave New World

First is not necessarily best but it’s still pretty cool.

What The Irish Mean For The ACC & The ACC Network

Are they worth it? Apparently so.

The N&O Nails It

The N&O rips UNC’s response to the NCAA.

Barry Jacobs Responds To UNC’s Response To The NCAA

A strong response to a weasely one.

What UNC Has Lost

And not because of the scandal but rather because of the response to the scandal.

UNC’s Response To The NCAA LOA: Pathetic

Screw the reputation, protect the brand

UNC Response To NCAA’s Amended LOA Due Tuesday

Just a guess but we’re betting on some variation of it’s time to move on.

Would It Take A Miracle For Notre Dame To Join The ACC For Football?

No...just the normal human temptation of money.

More On The ACC Network

Now that it’s real, what can it do?

How The ACC Network Came To Be

It’s a pretty interesting story and a testament to patience and hard work

An Open Letter To John Swofford

Now that you fixed the big picture, let’s get to the root of what made the ACC great.

What The ACC Network Means: Long-Term Survival And Prosperity

Here’s a closer look at what ACC Commissioner John Swofford has accomplished.

Recruiting: Bennett Lands A Lone Star Guard

Okay, three star. But are Texas stars bigger?

What Do You Have For Us, Commissioner?

The ACC and ESPN have reached a new media deal which is likely to be announced Thursday.