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Duke Blows Out Virginia By 25

It was a beautiful performance by the Blue Devils

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Harry Giles Update!

Good news for the former Blue Devil

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Andre Dawkins Update!

The former Duke guard has found a new lease on his basketball life

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ACC Roundup - NC State At UNC Is Probably Saturday’s Highlight...

...but there are some others that could be really great too.

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YouTube Gold: Michael Jordan Lights Up The Boston Celtics For 63

What an amazing game by #23

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Next Up - Virginia In Cameron

The Cavs are still a bit off, but this is still a dangerous team.

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The Latest

Duke Takes Down The Cavs, 73-54

The Blue Devils are getting hot at the right time

YouTube Gold: 2023’s One Shining Moment

As we conclude our stroll down memory lane

ACC Roundup - Virginia Hangs On At Boston College

And finds an offense again

YouTube Gold: The 1964 NBA Finals

But with a glorious trick

Caleb Foster Injury Update

A tough but (hopefully) manageable break for the Blue Devils

Podcast #601: Duke Destroys Cards

It was a pretty easy one for Duke.

Duke Has No Trouble With Louisville, Winning 84-59

Not much of a challenge in this one...but that’s been true for Louisville all year.

Filipowski Likely To Play Against Louisville

Good news for John Scheyer’s Blue Devils

Next Up - Louisville

And Duke may be shorthanded too

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

ACC Roundup - This Conference Is Always Interesting

Syracuse, Clemson and Notre Dame are getting hot at the right time.

YouTube Gold: 2022’s One Shining Moment

As Kansas wins a second title under Bill Self

DBR Bites #38: Duke Hopes To Reshuffle The Cards

Duke looks to get back on track.

Bennett Ball To The Hall?

Well....maybe. But maybe not.

ACC Roundup - Miami Shows A Lot Of Heart In Chapel Hill

The Tar Heels had to earn this one

YouTube Gold: 2021’s One Shining Moment

The strangest NCAA tournament of all time.

Podcast #600 - And That Means The Return Of K-Dog!

Good times ahead

Court Storming Update - Forfeiture Picks Up Some Steam

And lots of other ideas as well

ACC Roundup - Miami Visits Chapel Hill

The Hurricanes are in the midst of a very difficult stretch

YouTube Gold: Paolo Banchero Goes Clutch!

And hits a big-time game winner

Duke Pulls Off A Major Upset Of #6 NC State

Big, big night for Kara Lawson’s young team

Podcast #599 - Great Game At Wake Ends Badly

As the national conversation over Kyle Filipowski’s injury continues we look more at the whole game.

A Certain Way To Stop Court Storming

Wiping the victory away would do it

Last Day For Our Virginia Auction

Virginia may be off, but the ‘Hoos are still a very tough out.

ACC Roundup - UNC Finally Wins At Virginia & Notre Dame Nearly Pulls Off An Incredible Comeback

The Irish are going to be a load soon

YouTube Gold: The Beatles Sing Hey Jude Live

This is pretty sweet in a lot of ways

What If Kyle Filipowski Decided To Sue Wake Forest?

Now that’s an interesting idea.

DBR Bites #37: Flip Gets Hurt In Wake Court Storming

We have to react to it, and we’re angry.

Wake Knocks Off Duke 83-79, But Filipowski Injured As Fans Rush The Floor


An NBA Brawl Erupts After A Hard Foul On Duke Great Zion Williamson

The league office is going to be busy Saturday

ACC Roundup - Getting Down To Brass Tacks

Basically, it’s time to win or go home.

NCAA Suffers Another Courtroom Setback

And the NIL barn door is open

You Tube Gold: 2020’s One Shining Moment