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You Tube Gold: 2009’s One Shining Moment

As Roy Williams gets his second national championship

Duke Blue Devils v Villanova Wildcats
 BOSTON - MARCH 26: Gerald Henderson #15 of the of the Duke Blue Devils tries to keep the ball from Dwayne Anderson #22 of the Villanova Wildcats during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament East Regionals at TD Banknorth Garden on March 26, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The 2009 One Shining Moment video opens with a cheerleader winking and she has a bald eagle painted on the side of her face. Ten years prior, you might not have been able to tell what it was. In 2009 though? You can see the talons. The video is vastly improved.

CBS gives us four cheerleader shots then a band, another cheerleader, a bunch of UNC fans, a Tiger mascot, a tiny brainwashed UNC fan and a little KU fan getting some loving from his mama before we see any players.

The first we see of them is a team dancing and getting ready, then a Dayton kid low-fiving his teammates and another team dancing in warmups. Then two more cheerleader shots and the ball is tipped!

This time they start with an aerial shot before switching to a closeup but unlike a lot of years, you see more than just the hands as they vie for the ball.

UConn’s Johnny Bird looks locked in and then we see our first shot of Blake Griffin before an American player beats a UConn player to the ball. He splits the “running for your life” line with Arizona’s Nic Wise.

A Gonzaga player and a Villanova guy split the shooting star part then we see a grizzled Jim Calhoun working with his team in the huddle. Then Mike Robinson comforts a Missouri player who looks devastated.

UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough gets the “just how hard you worked” line before Xavier’s CJ Anderson impressively leapfrogs an opponent. An Oklahoma State makes a layup despite an incredible effort by Tennessee’s Tyler Smith. If only he’d used his left hand!

Villanova’s Scottie Reynolds drives through the Pitt defense to hit a game-winning layup. Then someone gets an impressive drive against Western Kentucky before Pitt’s Jermaine Dixon looks shocked as he grabs the ball on the way to a good fall.

Tar Heel Bobby Frazor passes and closes his eyes at the “frozen in time” line then Griffin gets a back-to-back shot.

The “blinking of an eye” line goes to a Michigan State player but that’s not blinking. They got a great shot of Mizzou’s DeMarre Carroll collapsing on the floor as the ball rolls away on “the moment’s gone” line, having presumably just lost to UConn.

Chattanooga’s Keyon Sheard exits the game for the last time that season and his coach looks him directly in the eye and then kisses his head. It’s an amazingly sweet shot.

A Xavier player celebrates, then Eric Maynor, who memorably took Duke out the year before, is consoled by a teammate after losing to UCLA by a single point.

UNC’s Ed Davis goes up for a block which makes us ask again: why is Billy Cunningham’s number 32 not retired?

Then it looks like Hansbrough in a rare quiet moment, three dunks - slam, jam, bam, baby! - before a Wisconsin buzzer beater.

Then Siena’s Edwin Ubiles draws a triple team and gets it to teammate Ronald Moore and he knows what to do as he takes out Ohio State in double overtime.

Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt celebrates a basket against Akron and look closely at his shoulders. Most people aren't built like that but you know who was?

Bill Russell. We’re convinced that his shoulders allowed him to jump faster than most people. Most people swing their arms up to jump. Russell was seriously limber and he could jump with his arms already over his head in a way that most guys could not dream of.

Pitt’s Levance Fields gets some “knew you were alive” love before Louisville’s Terrence Williams claims a stake there too.

Then we get a celebratory piggy back ride and a hug before a Mizzou player does the traditional pounding of his chest for the “beating of a heart” spot.

Then Hasheem Thabeet gets a big block for UConn before Villanova’s Shane Clark nearly lands on Jon Scheyer after buying a fake.

Washington’s Jon Brockman does something remarkable as he falls to the ground and then Griffin tumbles over an opponent but bounces right back up with what can best be described as a Tyson face.

Elliot Williams, who left Duke for Memphis after the semester ended, gets an impressive dunk against Villanova.

There are two shots of guys running after the ball as Luther Vandross reminds us that “it’s more than a race.”

Wisconsin’s Jason Bohannon hits a big shot against Florida State before Missouri’s Marcus Denmon hit a 34 court buzzer beater that is nothing but net. He was a freshman and we can promise you that was his greatest career highlight.

Michigan State’s Kalin Lucas gets in the lane against Kansas and then it’s on to the Final Four and on the way out, we get three shots of players crying for their lost dreams of glory.

Spartan Durrell Summers gets a massive dunk over UConn’s Stanley Robinson. Shortly after that we see a shot of Robinson and Thabeet looking unhappy and then Tom Izzo hugs one of his players.

But this is UNC’s year and there’s a shot of Davis, Hansbrough and Danny Green before Ty Lawson enters the picture. Who would have thought that Green would have had the longest NBA career of the three?

Shortly after that, Lawson blows by a couple of Villanova defenders for a layup. There are a couple of shots of Tar Heels getting buckets and one of Izzo realizing his team is going down. Hansbrough leaps in excitement before Ol’ Roy Williams gives the crowd a fist pump. Then the Tar Heels jump up and down and the final shot is of Williams and his team holding the trophy up before heading back to Chapel Hill to finish up some challenging paper classes.

Next up - Duke’s 2010 national championship drive including the incredible final against Butler.