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YouTube Gold: In 1979, Rickie Lee Jones Redefined Cool

A terrific song from one of the best debut albums ever

Rickie Lee Jones & Grammy
American singer songwriter Rickie Lee Jones wears a beret and leather jacket as she poses backstage with her Grammy Award for Best New Artist at the 22d Annual Grammy Awards held February 27, 1980 at the Shrine Auditorium to honor artists and works of the year 1979, Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Frank Edwards/Fotos International/Getty Images

We’re going to take a short break from the One Shining Moment marathon and look back at one of the best videos/songs to come out of the early music video era.

In this case, the song, Young Blood by Rickie Lee Jones, came out two years before MTV started and we don’t know if this video was made for MTV or just something they did to do it.

But it’s a terrific song from her first eponymous album, Rickie Lee Jones, which came out in 1979.

Jones was unlike anyone else who was on the scene at that time. Her first hit, Chuck E.’s in Love, was a quirky, funky song that presaged a long and remarkable career.

Aside from that album, her debut record included Night Train, about a young mother who was fleeing before her child was to be taken from her, Easy Money, a slow, jazzy song, the bouncy Danny’s All-Star Joint, the startling Coolsville, a couple of others that were also terrific, and of course Young Blood.

It’s a celebration of youth and night life and basically, just growing into your adulthood. The video is kind of rough now, like all video of that era, but it’s still well done and full of life.

Her later career would stay eclectic and interesting, but few musicians have ever had a better, more auspicious debut album than hers.