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Duke Women Get Smoked At Louisville, 61-44

And it wasn’t anywhere near that close

NCAA Basketball: Duke Countdown to Craziness
 Oct 21, 2022; Durham, North Carolina, US; The Duke Blue Devils mascot during Countdown to Craziness at Cameron Indoor Stadium. 
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Duke went to Louisville Thursday and the Cards defense cut the Blue Devils up, forcing 27 turnovers. Toss in 33.3 percent from the floor and 2-19 from behind the line and not even 17 offensive rebounds can save you.

It was just a beating. Oluchi Okananwana had 14 points to pace the Blue Devils. Taina Mara had eight but also six turnovers (she also had five steals which was pretty great).

It was basically just a long night. Louisville was up by 27 at one point and threatened to shut Duke out in the second quarter (Duke didn’t score until about 8:30 had gone off the clock).

If you want to put this game in perspective, try this: Duke had more turnovers (27) than baskets (19).

All you can really say is the mantra: next play, and that’ll be Sunday against Virginia.