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YouTube Gold: 1992’s One Shining Moment

A lot in that one for Duke fans.

Duke Blue Devils
Duke Blue Devils raise the 1992 trophy after beating Michigan in the finals

1992 was a special year for Duke fans of course as the Blue Devils managed to win back-to-back championships. It was the first time anyone had done that since the Wooden era at UCLA.

The 1992 One Shining Moment focuses a lot on Duke of course but also a lot on the Fab Five and particularly Chris Webber.

Miami of Ohio got the band shot and there’s a sweet shot of Princeton’s Pete Carrill.

We don't recognize the exultant coach who is blowing kisses to his fans but he’s pretty cool.

There’s a nice shot of Brian Davis winking followed by a shot of UNC’s Henrik Rödl sitting, frustrated. He’s got on the Alexander Julian uniform so it must have debuted in 1992.

There’s a shot of Kentucky’s Gimel Martinez too, pounding the floor, that must have been right after The Shot. We loved that Duke won that game but it was impossible not to feel for Kentucky too because that team gave every drop that it had.

Webber gets an amazing block at one point and an Indiana player playfully hits Bob Knight with a towel. Things must have been going well at that point.

Then there’s Laettner’s “stomp” of Aminu Timberlake, followed by a wince on a bench from somebody we didn't recognize. It’s sandwiched between the “stomp” and The Shot, which is still a defining moment in tournament history.

Cherokee Parks goes up for a dunk, which was nice to see and then there’s a beautiful shot of Laettner that makes him look unbelievably young and innocent. His mother must have loved that.

Webber does the lip-zip thing shortly after that, then Bobby Hurley drives to the basket on a Michigan defender.

Near the end, Webber dunks on Duke as Hurley gets knocked to the floor. Webber shakes his jowls like a bulldog before Laettner closes it out with a shot over the Michigan star.

This was the year that Duke went from a lovable overachiever to a team that was widely disliked. A lot of it was due to Laettner, who came across as arrogant. Lots of guys do though, including Webber, who desperately tried to intimidate people.

What was different about Laettner was that he could not be intimidated and that legitimately frightened people. He looked like a model but would cut your heart out and smile at you while he ate it.

Things changed for Duke after that but was it worth it?

Hell yes.