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YouTube Gold: The 1988 One Shining Moment

As the Blue Devils begin to emerge as a potent NCAA tournament presence

NCAA Photos Archive
Billy King drives on Kansas in the 1988 Final Four

The 1988 NCAA tournament was fascinating for a lot of reasons. Larry Brown and Danny Manning led Kansas to the title. It also marked the first serious impact Arizona had on college basketball with a Final Four run. And Duke got back after making it in 1986, which helped to cement the idea of Duke as a reliable power for the first time in the ESPN era (We say ESPN era because the coverage of the sport was vastly increased).

There was a lot of cool stuff in the 1988 One Shining Moment video.

Just the second year of the tradition and a form was already emerging: get some fan shots, mascot shots, band shots, some cheerleader shots. That stuff comes before the vocals begin.

Then a jump ball to match the lyrics and off we go!

In 1988 we get a shot of Bob Knight followed by John Chaney, who liked to call himself the Black Knight. There’s a shot of Steve Kerr dancing on the bench with a totally befuddled teammate (0:45) that he might wish he could get back.

There’s a nice shot of the late John Thompson too, then Bill Frieder raging on the sideline for Michigan and Larry Brown still in his tortoise shell glasses era. Mike Krzyzewski leaps in exultation at 1:35, good guy Sean Elliott smiles and claps and lots of shots of KU’s Brown and Manning. Manning has been an outstanding assistant coach if not a very good head coach but no one should underestimate just how great a player he was. At 6-11 with guard skills, he very much predicted the future of the game.

Not surprisingly, Brown moved on after the championship, leaving Kansas on probation. Dean Smith recommended a young assistant named Roy Williams who would exceed all of Brown’s accomplishments other than this championship.

Arguably though the real future was in Durham where Coach K was just beginning to build one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the game.