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Jason Williams Steps in It

Actually it’s kind of funny but it won’t go over well with some

Duke’s Jason Williams...
UNITED STATES - JANUARY 27: Coll, Basketball: Duke’s Jason Williams (22) in action vs Maryland, College Park, MD 1/27/2001
SetNumber: X62389 TK2 R6 F12

Duke’s Jason Williams was an absolute basketball god. The guy did things that defy belief. Just 6-2, he was built like a halfback and he was as explosive a guard as Duke has ever had. He was capable of astonishing things.

When he was being recruited by Duke and UNC, the Tar Heels, then coached by Bill Guthridge, for some reason passed on him. We can’t remember why - it may have been they wanted a point guard or something like that.

It was a bad decision because Williams was very much interested and obviously turned out to be a brilliant basketball player.

When he got to Durham, possibly just before, he was interviewed on Duke’s student radio station, WXDU, and talked about how he already hated Carolina and wanted to kill them.

Times change.

Williams was asked on ESPN where he might have gone if the transfer portal had been available. He said back then it would have been Georgetown because of John Thompson. But today?

When pressed, he said he liked the way UNC is playing.

He was clearly uncomfortable saying it and said that he had just gotten back into the Brotherhood (what’s that about?) They may have a hard time with that now!

Just kidding. J-Will is always one of our own. But the smarter answer would have been this: “I really like the way UNC plays, but I’m a Duke guy through and through, so I’d never transfer over there.”