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YouTube Gold: The 1963 High School All-American Team

As they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show

Lew Alcindor with Game Ball and MVP Trophy
Lew Alcindor, now known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, poses after a high school tournament.

This video is an interesting little clip of the 1963 high school All-American Basketball team when the five stars appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. You’ll immediately recognize (or at least notice) young Lew Alcindor, aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is on the left. The other guys are Bobby Lewis, who later starred at UNC, Ian Morrison, who started in Chapel Capel Hill before transferring to FSU,

Ronald Sepic, who played at Ohio State and Edgar Lacey, who ultimately teamed up with Jabbar at UCLA.

Lacey spent five years there, including one where he sat out with a knee injury, but quit in his senior year after UCLA’s legendary Game of the Century vs. Houston. Of John Wooden, he said “I never enjoyed playing for that man.”

Obviously Jabbar stood out of this group - he’s only 15 here, much younger than the others - and he’s the only one who went on to a legendary career.