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YouTube Gold: The Time Jim Everett Had Had Enough Of Jim Rome’s Nonsense

And did something about it on TV

Los Angeles Rams v Miami Dolphins
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 20: Bryan Cox #51 of Miami Dolphins tackles Jim Everett #11 of the Los Angeles Rams during NFL football game September 20, 1992 at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Florida. Cox played for the Dolphins from 1991-95.  
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Broadcaster Jim Rome has always tried to be edgy and confrontational. It works to an extent, but not always the way that he wants.

The best example of this came in 1994 when he was interviewing quarterback Jim Everett.

Everett was a good but not great QB who had been traded from the LA Rams to the New Orleans Saints.

Everett had struggled with the Rams and in one game had been hit so many times that he reflexively went down before the defense got to him. It’s a pretty human thing to do but quarterbacks are expected to stand up to a certain level of punishmnent and there was a perception that Everett didn’t. And certainly Rome was aware of it.

When Everett came on his show, Rome had been taunting him for some time, calling him Chris Evert, which basically meant that he was calling him weak for his unwillingness to take hits.

Everette didn't particularly like this and after Rome called him Chris a couple of times warned him not to do it again. When he did, Everett threw the table between them aside and came after him. It was one of the weirder and more interesting spontaneous moments in sports TV history.