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Duke Recruiting: Bidunga Ready To Announce?

Our advice: just wait and don’t get too worked up either way

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: AUG 27 Pangos All-American Festival
 LONG BEACH, CA - AUGUST 27: Flory Bidunga looks on during the Pangos All-American Festival on August 27, 2022 at the McBride High School in Long Beach, CA.
Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Big-time recruit Flory Bidunga tweeted Monday that this is “Decision Week.”

A couple of points here.

First, reading the tea leaves. The emoticons he included in his tweet are the bug eyes and an hourglass. So that begs the question: is he set to announce? Or is he putting pressure on himself to decide by the end of the week?

It’s impossible to say, which is why we always advise you guys not to get overly excited before a commitment.

Fat chance of that, so let’s look a bit more.

Bidunga is (still) down to four schools - Duke, Kansas, Auburn and Michigan. Everything we’ve seen suggests that it’s a race between Duke and Kansas but, again, none of us are intimately involved in the discussion and recruiting can turn on some funny stuff.

In past battles, leaving aside the blatant Dana Kirk-type cheating which NIL makes wildly more difficult, we’ve seen players decide against a particular school because their preferred uniform number is retired.

Hey, we all have our own priorities.

Sex has long been used as a recruiting tool, and not just for players, as we saw in the Spike Lee movie He Got Game: an old ACC story has coaches outside a dorm room waiting to hear bed springs squeak.

This was an attempt to recruit the father.

So we’re not making any suggestions about Bidunga. From all we’ve heard he seems like a solid young guy and we’d be thrilled if he chose Duke. We’re just saying that it’s impossible to know what motivates anyone else. So don’t trust what you read and give him grace and room to make the best decision for himself - whatever that ultimately is. He’ll let everyone know when he’s ready.