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Report: The ACC Is Talking To Stanford And Cal

And there’s a potential knock-on benefit as well

NCAA Basketball: California at Stanford
Jan 28, 2023; Stanford, California, USA; California Golden Bears forward Grant Newell (14) passes around Stanford Cardinal forward Neal Begovich (21) during the second half at Maples Pavilion. Stanford defeated California 75-46. 
D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

The whole realignment thing moves incredibly fast. For instance, earlier Monday we got a note from Barry Jacobs suggesting that the ACC should consider Cal and Stanford, both orphaned by the demise of the PAC-12 (there was more to the idea that we’ll come back to).

Now we learn that the ACC is apparently actually looking into it.

We know they have to consider it and for football it makes a lot of sense, but otherwise? It’s going to be tough. With one game per week, as we mentioned previously, it’s no big deal to go cross country every other week. But for the other sports, most of which won’t fly charter, it’s not going to be easy at all.

However, it may happen and if it does, we’d like to see something practical come out of it.

If the ACC picks up two schools, and the two that are the dominant programs in the Bay Area and most of Northern California, the good news is that they’d be good fits academically and revenue would eventually head up. But there could be another pretty cool benefit.

The ACC could cut Florida State loose.

Why not?

The ‘Noles have made it clear that they feel tied down by the conference. If the ACC expands - and might as well consider West Virginia and UConn if they’re interested - it would be a good time to let FSU figure out their own fate. It would keep the conference from dealing with the endless pressure and bullying tactics we’ve seen this month and discourage other programs from trying the same thing. They could decide on either the SEC or the Big 12 or maybe the Big Ten, if that bloated league is still hungry, and be out of everyone’s hair.

Win-win for everyone.