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DBR Podcast #529 - Inside Man Ryan Young Talks To The Crew Part II!

More good stuff from #15!

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NCAA Basketball: Duke at Syracuse
 Feb 18, 2023; Syracuse, New York, USA; Duke Blue Devils center Ryan Young (15) and Syracuse Orange guard Joseph Girard III (11) battle for a loose ball during the second half at the JMA Wireless Dome.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed part 1 of the Duke Basketball Roundup’s chat with Duke big man Ryan Young, go listen to that before you tackle this one. Ok, now that you have heard part 1, be ready for some really juicy stuff in part 2.

We get the lowdown on the team building weekend in Chicago and what caused the NCAA to cancel Duke’s special NIL scrimmage that was going to put thousands of dollars in the pocket of the Duke players. Ryan also tells us a bit about how NIL programs work at Duke, peeling back the curtain at least a little bit on an area where we rarely get much concrete information. Finally, we ask Ryan to tell us his favorite Coach Scheyer story... and it includes massive spoilers for one of the greatest movies of all time.

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