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Duke Recruiting, Cooper Flagg Update: Not So Fast

Syndication: The Commercial Appeal
Maine United s Cooper Flagg dunks the ball during a fast break against Team Indy Head during the Nike EYBL Session 4 on May 27, 2023 at Memphis Sports and Events Center in Memphis, Tenn.
Stu Boyd II-The Commercial Appeal / USA TODAY NETWORK

After Cooper Flagg swung by Duke for an unofficial visit, there was a general sense online that Jon Scheyer’s program had made big inroads.

Maybe so. But if anyone thought he was ready to commit, then think again.

Flagg and his mother both said it’s not happening, or at least not any time soon.

Flagg said this: “(It’s a) dream school obviously, but there’s still so many more options that I want to look into and everything like that.”

And his mother, Kelly, concurs, saying that it’s “just a rumor at this point,” and says that rumors of a reclass are untrue.

A lot of this came up because Flagg posted pictures in a Duke uni - pretty standard for recruiting trips, really - and people took that and ran with it.

So as we suggested earlier, everyone should just calm down and wait. We hope he comes to Duke, but that might not be what is best for him. So give the kid some room and grace and let him figure his life out. You’d want that too.