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YouTube Gold: Stephen A. Smith Reacts To Duke’s 2018 Destruction Of Kentucky

What an amazing way to start a season

State Farm Champions Classic
Zion Williamson driving on Kentucky in 2018.

Duke fans had an idea that when Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Tre Jones and Cam Reddish showed up that something special might happen.

Even for us though, the destruction that Duke visited on Kentucky in the opening game of the 2018-19 was incredible. RJ Barrett scored 33 points and had six assistswhile Zion Williamson just shocked people, not least of all with an astonishing take away block and subsequent drive. He scored 28 points on 11-13 from the floor and had seven rebounds.

One of the best parts of this game though was the reactions and no one’s reaction was much better than that of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Pretty clearly, Duke made a huge impression on Smith, who said that he thought that Duke had a shot at going undefeated.

That didn't happen of course. The panel here quoted Jalen Rose as saying Duke didn’t shoot well and Rose was right and ultimately it cost them. You can imagine what might have happened if this group had had just one guy who could reliably kill it from deep.

Still, it was one of the more entertaining times in the history of Duke Basketball and, along with the 1992 team, an era when the players were more like rock stars than athletes. Truly a wonderful year.