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Louisville Gets Burned Late

As a star freshman bolts for pro ball down under

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High School Basketball: Combine Academy National Team at
Dec 7, 2022; Lincolnton, NC, USA; Forward Trentyn Flowers drives the lane at Combine Academy. 
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

There was a major and unexpected ACC development Monday as star freshman Trentyn Flowers decided that he would not be attending Louisville after all.

Kenny Payne issued a statement saying that while he wished Flowers well, he was “disappointed” by the timing of his decision.

No kidding.

This was a guy who was expected to start and to possibly have a major impact. He was a reason for some optimism after a devastating season and, as Payne implied, the timing means that Louisville is, well, kind of screwed. Obviously the kid is entitled to pursue his future however he pleases, but a lot of other people will be affected by this decision.

It’s just more rotten luck for Payne, who has had more than his share since returning to his alma mater.

And incidentally, some “fans” are not handling this very well. That’s an understatement. Oh well, scratch a Louisville fan, find a Kentucky fan.