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Realignment Update: The ACC Doesn’t Currently Have The Votes To Add Stanford And Cal

The whole thing just seems strange and pointless

NCAA Football: Duke at Syracuse
 Oct 10, 2020; Syracuse, New York, USA; General view of a football on top of an end zone marker with the Atlantic Coast Conference logo displayed prior to the game against the Duke Blue Devils and the Syracuse Orange at the Carrier Dome. 
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, at this point, we’re more or less baffled by realignment. The ACC has been talking to Stanford and Cal, two of the four teams left in the PAC-12. Clearly there are issues involved that are serious, not least of all travel for everyone except the football teams.

But on the other hand, the Bay Area is a tremendous media market and getting those schools seems like, overall, a plus, at least in this current situation.

And Florida State has been quite vocal about wanting more income. So we don’t get why FSU, along with Clemson, UNC and NC State, are opposed to adding these two teams.

To be clear, we’re not advocating for this expansion. It’s just that the arguments and factions are very confusing.

Notre Dame is pushing hard for both, which is a bit strange since the Irish have no intention of playing football in the ACC or any other conference, allegedly because Cal and Stanford are fine academic institutions.

No offense, but this is a business decision and we’re not buying academics as the argument, and certainly not at this late date.

It’ll all be clear eventually, but right now? None of this makes any sense.