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YouTube Gold: Happy Birthday, Cooz!

Bob Cousy Dribbling Past an Opponent
Bob Cousy Dribbling Past an Opponent

Amazingly, the legendary Bob Cousy turned 95 on Wednesday. He left the NBA in 1963 after winning six championships with the Boston Celtics and leading the NBA in assists for eight straight seasons and defined the point guard position for decades.

When you see him here, it’s easy to understand why JJ Redick made his now famous crack about plumbers and firemen. He couldn’t go to his left and his body is a bit off by modern standards.

But he had vision and flair. No one in his day could see the passes he could see and he saw some of them with his back turned to the recipient. Sixty years later and there are dozens of players in the NBA who don’t have this sort of vision.

Since you don’t turn 95 every day, here’s a bonus clip: in the 1994 movie Blue Chips, in which you’ll also find Bobby Hurley among other stars of that day, Cousy plays an A.D. named Vic Roker who talks to his coach, played by Nick Nolte. Cousy is in his 60’s here and doesn't miss from the line, even when he switches to his left hand.