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Duke Recruiting: VJ Edgecombe Cuts His List To 10

This is an intriguing prospect and not just for his talent

High School Basketball: HoopHall West
 Dec 10, 2022; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Long Island Lutheran guard VJ Edgecombe (1) against Wasatch Academy during the HoopHall West basketball tournament at Chaparral High School.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Wing VJ Edgecombe was offered by Duke recently and on Monday, he cut his list to 10 and Duke is still involved. Here is his current list:

  • Duke
  • Florida
  • Baylor
  • Alabama
  • St. John’s
  • Miami
  • UConn
  • Michigan
  • Florida State
  • The G League

Obviously with 10 teams left, there isn’t a huge insight into what he’s thinking but he did say this about Duke: “It felt great to get that offer. Every kid dreams to get a blue blood offer so it felt great for them to offer and to know who I am. With that being said I’m still treating them like every other school and showing them the same amount of love as any other school.”

Fair enough.

So what do we know about Edgecombe?

Well first he’s rising rapidly through the rankings and is now an elite recruit. As we always like to caution, the rankings are broadly meaningless. All you have to do to is to pick a year and look up the McDonald’s roster for that year. In some years, you’ll see, say, Crawford Palmer. Anyone remember Tracy Jackson? Earl Jones? Bill Wennington?

Those names are mostly forgotten and they were very highly regarded.

So take the ranking for what it’s worth with any recruit.

That said, Edgecombe is talented on both ends of the court. Here’s what he says about his game: “I’m an all-around leader, a two-way player. I don’t know if it exists, but I’m an all-around, two-way player and a leader. I’m really trusting my teammates, and that has taken my game to another level. Of course, I continue to improve on the skill side, but this summer, I’ve become a leader. I watch a lot of Anthony Edwards and young Dwayne Wade, mix it up a bit to just be me.”

His focus is really interesting. He knows he’s good and wants to be a complete player and a leader. Not many young players are as focused on that as his age.

You can see why Jon Scheyer and his staff would like to coach him.