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YouTube Gold: The Most Remote Town In The U.S.

More like a wide spot in the road, but you get the idea.

Southwest Faces Severe Drought Conditions
FELICITY, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 28: In an aerial view, the All-American Canal conveys water through the Imperial Sand Dunes of California’s Colorado Desert, a few miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, on September 28, 2022 near Felicity, California.
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We’re kind of late to this particular party, but there is a very nice YouTube channel by a woman named Eva zu Beck (it occurred to us that phonetically anyway, her last name is the same as that of former Blue Devil Brian Zoubek). She is a native of Poland but at some point her family moved to Great Britain.

She had a dream of driving from Alaska to the southern end of the Pan American Highway which would be an amazing drive indeed, and a has posted quite a few videos about her travels.

This particular video is of her trip to what she says is the most remote town in the US outside of Alaska. It’s not really a town, more like a settlement, and it’s called Jarbidge. It’s in northern Nevada but you can only get to it from Idaho.

At a certain point, the road more or less runs out (of pavement anyway) and after a long, meandering drive into a fairly deep canyon, you’re into Jarbidge, population 18.

We really enjoyed it because she seems like a very generous soul and she truly enjoyed the journey.

We watched a couple of other videos and found that on her journey, she developed a deep love for the United States.

In the end of the series, she realized that she no longer wanted to drive the entire Pan American Highway and, after some reflection, realized that what she really wanted was a home.

And she wants to live here, meaning the U.S.

So she changed her plans and will go west to east this time, looking for a place that speaks to her. So far it’s Montana, but she was there in the summer and you can’t say you want to live in Montana unless you’ve spent the winter there.

Anyway, she seems like a really kind, thoughtful person, she loves the U.S. and she wants to be one of us. Like Enes Kanter Freedom, she understands this country better than a lot of people who were born here.