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The Chronicle On Stanford Transfer Neal Begovich

What can we expect from Begovich’s unexpected move?

UCLA v Stanford
 PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 08: Neal Begovich #1 on the Stanford Cardinals takes a shot against Cody Riley #2 of the UCLA Bruins at Stanford Maples Pavilion on February 08, 2022 in Palo Alto, California.
Photo by Michael Urakami/Getty Images

No offense to anyone, but when Neal Begovich transferred from Stanford to Duke, we didn’t get it. He’s 6-9 but was also a walk-on at Stanford we understand before earning a scholarship.

The general consensus about Begovich is that he’s probably not going to be a factor on the court but could be a very valuable practice presence. And if you think about guys like Justin Robinson, a practice player can have an incredible impact on a team.

This article from the Duke Chronicle kind of supports that but goes more into what his actual skills are.

In his case though, there’s one other factor that we didn’t realize about Begovich: his older brother, Daniel, is a grad assistant at Duke and obviously would be in a position to help identify what Neal could bring to Duke and not incidentally to help the process along. It could be something as simple as Scheyer being impressed enough with Daniel to welcome Neal to the program also.

Whatever the attraction was, Begovich is part of the program now and we’re excited to see what he can add to the team.