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YouTube Gold: Chris Carrawell Gets A Four Point Trip

There haven’t been many Duke players who were more joyful than Carrawell

Chris Carrawell #23...
Chris Carrawell on the move

If you ask people who the best Duke Basketball players are you’ll get a pretty standard list of wow: Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Bobby Hurley, Shane Battier, Jason Williams, Zion Williamson and so on.

Ask about favorites and it’s a whole different situation. And for us, one of our absolute favorites has always been Chris Carrawell.

C-Well was a wonderful player but his personality is just infectious. He’s irrespressible and funny as hell and unbelievably authentic. He’s just the best. Put it this way: you might prefer to watch Laettner play but for a guy to talk to for an evening? Carrawell, and, no offense to Laettner, but it’s not close.

But he was also a wonderful basketball player. He wasn’t the world’s greatest athlete, but C-Well was smart as hell and intensely competitive. He was moved to center as a freshman when Greg Newton was moved to the bench and held his own against everyone, including the great Tim Duncan.

In this sequence, Carrawell gets stripped in the lane, recovers it, drives, hits the shot and draws a block, misses the free throw and gets the ball back for a layup.

It’s pure C-Well: alert, relentless, a bit awkward, but could not be denied.