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Chicago Update: Duke Rings Bell At CBOE, Visits McDonald’s Headquarters

But what’s the status of this event?

DURHAM, NC - JANUARY 11: Tyrese Proctor (5) of the Duke Blue Devils signals a play to his defense during a basketball game against the Pittsburgh Panthers on January 11, 2023 at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, NC.
Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A report Thursday on the Devils Den suggested that Duke’s Saturday NIL event in Chicago was put “on hold” by the NCAA for vague reasons.

However, Duke is in Chicago. The Blue Devils appear to be having an interesting trip, with an outing to ring the bell at the Chicago Board of Exchange and a trip to McDonald’s world headquarters, also in the Windy City.

Presumably, Duke is talking to the NCAA to try to find a way to have the event Saturday.

It’s certainly possible that the NCAA found grounds to object to this mission but Duke has always done its homework to stay within the rules and we’re sure they did in this case as well.

What’s amazing, and it’s just so like the NCAA, is that they waited until Thursday to make this ruling. Presumably, if it is not legal, they could have said something earlier. We’ll be curious to see what this is all about and what actually happens Saturday, if anything.