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Jack White Is Officially With The OKC Thunder

That’s a great rise for a talented young player

Sacramento Kings v Denver Nuggets
 DENVER, CO - APRIL 09: Jack White #10 of the Denver Nuggets makes a basket against the Sacramento Kings during the second half at Ball Arena on April 9, 2023 in Denver, Colorado.
Photo by Grace Bradley/Getty Images

With Rudy Gay waived and off the books, Oklahoma City was free to sign Duke product Jack White and did so

We can’t find how long the native Aussie’s contract is for but we’re guessing 2-3 years (update - it’s two). His base salary is $1,801,769.

With his ascent, White joins an underappreciated Duke tradition: players who got to the league without being drafted.

That list includes Lance Thomas, Seth Curry and Quinn Cook. Cook played less games than the other two, but he has two rings now (of the foursome listed, White is the only other player with a ring, having gotten one last season with Denver).