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Duke Recruiting: Brayden Burries Offered

As Duke’s focus on 2025 increases

Syndication: The Augusta Chronicle Katie Goodale / USA TODAY NETWORK

On Thursday, California point guard Brayden Burries tweeted that Duke had offered him.

A fast riser, not long ago most of Burries choices were (generally speaking) lesser West Coast teams. San Diego State and USC were on to him, but the other schools were a notable step down.


Now he’s getting offers from schools like Arizona, LSU and now, of course, Duke.

Burries is 6-4 or 6-5, depending on who’s listing him, and he’s a point guard (2025). Obviously this one is just too new to really have a sense of anything. If Duke and Arizona are offering, then quite a few other offers are on the way soon. He’s got a lot to think about.