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A Brief Glimpse Of Gorgeous Duke Basketball

This is beautiful to watch

Oral Roberts v Duke
 ORLANDO, FL - MARCH 16: Jeremy Roach #3 of the Duke Blue Devils puts up a shot against Issac McBride #10 of the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at Amway Center on March 16, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. Duke won 74-51.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

This is a very brief but really interesting clip from Duke Basketball’s official Twitter feed and it’s a small slice of basketball perfection.

Watch the ball movement here: it starts with Jeremy Roach on the right side of the court. He zips a pass past Mark Mitchell to Ryan Young, who is moving towards the free throw line. And this is really cool - Young is not the most talented player in college basketball, but he has a keen mind for the game and maximizes his talent as much as anyone - gets ready to catch the ball and before he does, he’s already looking to pass it. He’s just a conduit to ball movement. Watch his eyes.

He zips it over to TJ Power by what would be the visitors bench (if it were in Cameron instead of the practice facility), who immediately zips the ball back over to Caleb Foster, who is near the top of the key. It looks like Foster dribbles once - Mitchell is in front of him so it’s hard to tell - who zips it back to Roach on the right side. Roach fires up a three which he hits.

It’s a small clip, just :09 seconds, but the ball went through four players hands in about three seconds. It’s beautiful offensive basketball.