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Should We Worry About Kyle Filipowki’s Recovery From Hip Surgery?

It’s something to talk about during the summer, but probably not much to worry about.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at North Carolina
 Mar 4, 2023; Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; Duke Blue Devils center Kyle Filipowski (30) scores in the second half at Dean E. Smith Center.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This article from Busting Brackets asks: should we worry about Kyle Filpowski’s recover from hip surgery?

Our gut feeling is no.

First, it’s not like he had hip replacement surgery. He played last season with issues, but clearly was still effective. We’re not saying that he couldn’t have been better - if his hips were bothering him, more than likely he might have been - but he was highly effective nonetheless and accomplished an awful lot.

But this gets us back to one of Duke’s not-so-secret weapons: medical resources and expertise.

We have no idea who operated on Filipowski, but Duke University has superb surgeons. And we don’t know everything about his rehab either, but Duke Sports Medicine is also first-rate. And that’s just human skill. The technological assets that are working for Filipowski now are also brilliant. His rehab team can quantify and measure his progress. Think about the way computers can measure a golfer’s swing: they look at every aspect of how his body is moving and give him feedback on how to improve. Tools like that are going to measure Filipowski’s progress. They’ll know exactly how strong he is, how flexible he is, and be able to tweak him accordingly. They’ll be able to direct his nutrition and medicine too.

The time to worry was shortly after the surgery when any issues or problems might have been detected. As of now, he seems to be on schedule and obviously he’s a guy who works hard.

Our guess is that he’ll be ready and possibly ahead of schedule.