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Now That The Portal Has Settled Down, We Have A Good Idea Of Where ACC Rosters Stand

Or at least we think we do.

Syndication: Asheville Citizen-Times
Campers walk past a picture of Mason Plumlee June 28, 2023.
Angela Wilhelm/Asheville Citizen Times / USA TODAY NETWORK

Although things could still change, roster flux season is basically over. The new transfer rules, combined with NIL opportunities, means that you can’t know what to expect from anyone’s roster for sure until around now, and even now, as Jon Scheyer pointed out, grad students could transfer freely at any point.

And as we saw earlier this week with Wake Forest and Bryson Conley, guys can decommit.

So what do ACC rosters look like?

Mixed bag.

This article looks at each school and the percentage of returning scoring. But in the cases of Notre Dame and Louisville, for instance, losing players is a plus since most of them were so bad. The Irish only bring back 1.5 percent as new coach Micah Shrewsbury has already overhauled the roster, mostly at the expense of Penn State. And at Louisville, El Ellis is gone but Kenny Payne put together a Top Ten class, so last year’s disaster may be an unpleasant blip fairly soon.

Pitt only brings back 39.4 percent of scoring but Jeff Capel has a very intriguing group.

UNC lost Pete Nance and Leaky Black won’t be back but neither will Caleb Love and that’s likely to be a big plus (he will be back in Cameron this fall when Arizona visits).

It’s still probably too early to say definitive things, but we do have a good idea about the rosters. As always though, things will be settled on the court.