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Video Scrimmage Highlights!

Good things are on the way.

Syndication: Worcester Telegram
Worcester Academy s TJ.. Power gets past St. George s Allyn Wright during Wednesday’s NEPSAC Class A quarterfinal. 
Rick Cinclair/Telegram & Gazette / USA TODAY NETWORK

Duke posted some summer scrimmage video Thursday and, in a twist, the competition was four-on-four. Why?

Because Kyle Filipowski, Jeremy Roach, Christian Reeves and Mark Mitchell are all still rehabbing after injuries or surgeries.

The returning players are on the white team - Tyrese Proctor, Jaden Schutt, Stanley Borden and Ryan Young. The freshmen are all on the blue team - Caleb Foster, Jared McCain, TJ Power and Sean Stewart.

There is some really promising stuff here. First, as rumor had it, it appears that TJ Power has no trouble getting baskets. McCain and Foster appear to be creative, resourceful guards.

We realize this is essentially a highlight reel and there aren’t really any glaring mistakes posted here. And that’s as it should be. The coaches can deal with the mistakes in video sessions later.

But please consider this: almost every made shot here falls straight through. Scheyer has put an emphasis on shooting and it appears to be paying off. Power in particular has a pretty stroke. He also looks more physically mature than we thought he might.

Stewart does not get a lot of looks here but he easily won the tip against Stanley Borden and later drove on him.

There’s also one other minor highlight that is worth looking for. Again, we realize that this isn’t a complete video of the practice, but in what we can see, only one player dives to the floor: McCain. You can imagine how much the coaches probably appreciated that.

So while it’s only four-on-four, it’s a useful look at this year’s team and it will only be better when the players who sat out return.

All that said, we do have one question: where is Jaylen Blakes?