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Another Rising Star From Peach Jam To Monitor: AJ Dybantsa

Syndication: Rockford Register Star
AJ Dybantsa has a lot of skills, but he really knows how to do this.
Chris Nieves/Rockford Register Star / USA TODAY NETWORK

After Peach Jam, people are raving about Cooper Flagg and Cameron Boozer, both of whom are major Duke targets. And rightly so, because they were spectacular.

But they weren’t the only promising prospects. Duke commits Darren Harris and Isaiah Evans also made big impressions.

But as always, people are looking for the Next Big Thing, and there’s a pretty good chance that it’s going to be AJ Dybantsa.

He had a tremendous run at Peach Jam despite having just finished his freshman year. However, he is 16 - older than the Boozer twins, who are 15, and the same age as Cooper Flagg.

He made a huge impression at Peach Jam and, as noted, a lot of people think he’s going to be a rising star, and he may very well be.

However, and this is important, he’s physically more mature than most of his contemporaries and that could change as the other kids mature and catch up. We’ve seen this plenty of times. For Duke fans, it happened with Chris Burgess, who was terrific in high school but was ultimately surpassed by a number of his classmates, including Duke teammates Elton Brand and Shane Battier.

So you have to wait to be sure, but as of right now, he looks like the real deal. He says he promised his mother that he’d attend at least one year of college, so watch as this one heats up.