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Clemson Gets A Promising Recruit

This guy bears watching

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Boston College
Jan 31, 2023; Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA; Clemson Tigers head coach Brad Brownell talks with forward Hunter Tyson (5) during the second half of a game against the Boston College Eagles at the Conte Forum.
Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve talked before about how good Clemson, under Brad Brownell, has gotten at player development. It’s really striking. You look at guys like PJ Hall and Hunter Tyson, among others, and it’s hard to argue this point: Brownell and his staff, typically unable to get the sort of recruits that Duke, UNC and (historically anyway) Louisville get, are as good at player development as just about anyone in the country.

With that said, you should probably keep an eye on Dallas Thomas (2024).

A 6-7 power forward from Little Rock, Thomas committed to Clemson Monday night. And what was his rationale?

“I chose Clemson because it seemed like the place for me. The coaches made it clear that I was a priority. We had a good bond and they are big on development. They will do whatever it takes to develop me into a pro and they have had recent success with that in Hunter Tyson. Seeing that and how they developed him over the years, I see a lot of similarities.”

Obviously we’d prefer Duke to be better than Clemson and everyone else in the conference, for that matter. But we’d still like everyone else to be really good. And this kid is pretty clear about how Clemson can help him. As we said, we’d keep an eye on him. He seems like a great fit for that program.