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Carlos Boozer Tells More About That Time He Rented His House To Prince

Prince Live In LA
Prince Live In LA

We’ve linked to a version of this story before, but it’s a great story and this is a somewhat extended version about the time that the late Prince rented a house from former Duke star Carlos Boozer.

Prince being Prince, he basically altered the house to a more, uh, purple-centric approach and Boozer had no idea that his house had been altered so dramatically.

As it turns out, Prince was on tour internationally and eventually caught up to Boozer and told him not to worry, his house would be put back to the way it was: “Out of nowhere, I get a call at [like] three in the morning and it’s P. And he goes, ‘Hey Booz, listen I’m so sorry I’ve been on tour, I’m in Asia. Don’t worry about anything. When the lease is over and I move out, the house will look like I was never there.”

And then, Boozer said, Prince wired him $500,000 to “ease his mind” (in the first version of this story we saw, this is where Boozer said “that little man is cool as hell”).

It’s just a weird, odd little intersection between Prince and, well, Duke.