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A Look At Next Year’s Draft

From a Duke and ACC perspective

Jimmy V Classic - Duke v Iowa
 NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 06: Tyrese Proctor #5, Mark Mitchell #25 and Kyle Filipowski #30 of the Duke Blue Devils huddle with teammates prior to their game against the Iowa Hawkeyes at Madison Square Garden on December 6, 2022 in New York City.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The NBA Draft is still fresh in every hipster’s mind but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the next one. Why wouldn’t we?

So let’s see what has of us, well, about a year out (link fixed).

It is ludicrous? Of course! But it’s still fun.

For Duke, Tyrese Proctor goes to Washington, where he would team up with Brotherhood member Tyus Jones.

Jared McCain goes to New Orleans with the #14 pick where he would, as of now anyway, team up with fellow Dukies Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.

Kyle Filipowski is taken by Miami at #18 in this scenario, which would be a great fit.

Finally, Mark Mitchell goes to Charlotte at #34, but that’s obviously based on his freshman year. He’ll be better as a sophomore.

Other projected ACC picks:

  • UNC’s Elliot Cadeau goes to Cleveland with the #27 pick.
  • Miami’s Wooga Poplar is taken by Utah at #39.
  • Virginia’s Reece Beekman goes to the LA Clippers at #50.
  • UNC’s Harrison Ingram joins the Sixers with the #58 pick.

It’s all pointless of course. You don’t even know who will suck yet and even when you do know that, you don’t know how the lottery will turn out. And of course you don’t know who might change their mind, much as Proctor and Filipowski did.