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Connie Hawkins Tells A Great Wilt Chamberlain Story

This is amazing all the way around

Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns, 1970 NBA Playoffs Western Division Playoffs
 Basketball: NBA Playoffs: Phoenix Suns Connie Hawkins (42) in action vs Los Angeles Lakers Wilt Chamberlain (13) at The Forum. Inglewood, CA 3/25/1970
Set Number: X14814 TK2 F24

Old school basketball stories are the best. As Connie Hawkins suggests here, a lot of great basketball was played before people had the urge to video everything and in the 1960’s, filming - as opposed to videotaping - meant bringing in some heavy equipment.

So we never saw Earl Manigault or the Helicopter or, for that matter, Jackie Jackson.

But in this video, Hawkins says that Jackson, at 6-4, could literally touch the top of the backboard. Keep in mind that he did this without modern advances in training, nutrition and equipment.

But the story is the thing here. We’ll set it up and you can check out what the late Hawkins has to say.

Wilt Chamberlain came over with a team from Philly to play in Harlem’s Rucker’s Tournament and Hawkins had a team with Jackson.

Jackson pulled off a completely insane play against Chamberlain, who, let’s just say, let his irritation show.

An amazing story.