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Duke Recruiting: Kon Knueppel On The Radar

Another sharpshooter

Syndication: Journal Sentinel
Wisconsin Lutheran guard Kon Knueppel (33) fouls Onalaska guard T.J. Stuttley (5) in the Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook Shootout on Thursday December 29, 2022, at Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin. 6shootout
Dave Kallmann / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

Here are a couple of recruiting updates of note.

First, a new name is on the radar as Wisconsinite Kon Knueppel is blowing up, as the gurus like to say, and is getting a ton of attention.

The 6-6 wing can fill it up and naturally he is getting lots of love from programs everywhere. Keep in mind that Wisconsin is one of those states, like Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia, where there is a lot of pressure to stay home. You can get a sense of that just from the tone of this article which, among other things, calls his rise “alarming.”

Alarming? WTH! The kid has found that he has a real talent for this game and it’s alarming?

Maybe for Wisconsin fans. Whatever he does, it sounds like a good story and watching him develop will be fun.

In another development, we’ve talked before about how Syracuse sites cotton on to how Jim Boeheim, and now Adrian Autry, have a knack for spotting talented players early - only to see bigger programs move in and swipe said players away.

Well according to this, Syracuse is out of it for rising big man Patrick Ngongba. Autry has strong ties to both Paul XI, Ngongba’s high school, and Team Takeover, his AAU team. But pessimism has set in as the cycle repeats.

And according to this article, Indiana is very interested in Ngonbga. But that’s not why we linked it. We linked it because of what it says about Flory Bidunga.