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YouTube Gold: Junior Brown Tears It Up

If you ever get a chance to see him live, do it.

Paul Natkin Archive
Junior Brown on 7/8/98 in Chicago,Il.
Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage

If it turns out that there are aliens and they decided to talk to us, boy would there be a lot of questions, for instance: what’s the best planet for vacations? Do you guys know anything about the Men in Black? And maybe, just maybe: is Junior Brown an alien too?

Because when you watch that guy play guitar it’s not like anything a normal human could do.

He plays a design that he said came to him in a dream that’s part normal guitar and part lap still guitar, a dual neck thing that he sometimes mounts on a stand and sometimes wears with a strap.

And he does things on it that most people couldn’t conceive of, much less pull off.

In this video, he rips through “I Hung It Up,” and if you listen, you can hear a lot of his musical influences including Bill Haley and the Comets, Dick Dale and Leon McAuliffe.

You have to think that a lot of them would shake their heads at where he took the music. His talent is at times just freakish.