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Podcast #520: Our NBA Draft Preview, Part 2

We focus on Dereck Lively’s prospects by bringing back the Czar of the Bilastrator!

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Duke v Tennessee Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The NBA Draft preview continues on Episode 520 of the Duke Basketball Roundup, and we welcome back Jay Bilas to the show to discuss Dereck Lively!

Lively is one that could have a lot of interest as we approach the draft, and Jay gives his take on what teams like in the 7’1” center. He gives us an interesting comparison to a current NBA champion center where Lively could have a similar trajectory.

Jay also talks to us about the consensus #1 pick in the NBA Draft, Victor Wembanyama. Is he truly the real deal? Bilas gives us his thoughts on the most heralded prospect in a long time.

After the break, Jason and Donald recap the discussion with Jay and also discuss some potential trades that could happen involving Duke players. The biggest potential move of the offseason could be Zion Williamson, who may no longer be with the New Orleans Pelicans by the time the draft concludes.

We’ll be back after the draft to recap it and see if any Duke players made a move. Until then, make sure you’re following us! Head to our Linktree to get all our available social media and links to follow and subscribe to the show. Don’t forget, we have affiliate partnerships with Homefield Apparel (use the code DBRPODCAST to save 15%) as well as Fanatics, so click the affiliate links to save on gear and support the show. Also, follow us on Twitter ⁠@DukeRoundup⁠!