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YouTube Gold: A Duke Run From The 1970’s

And boy did that team run.

Duke University Jim Spanarkel, 1978 ACC Tournament
College Basketball: ACC Tournament: Duke Jim Spanarkel (34) in action vs Wake Forest. Greensboro, NC 3/4/1978
Set Number: X22171 TK2

We’ve posted a few YouTube Golds with former Duke star Kenny Dennard and some that he has posted himself.

This is both.

It’s from a Duke-Maryland game in Cameron that we think is from his sophomore year but we could be wrong.

It’s called “going on a run” and Duke does.

We’ve also talked a bit lately about how Duke Basketball was here before Mike Krzyzewski showed up and pushed it to a never-expected level of greatness. Not just greatness but consistent greatness.

The Foster era was brief, lasting from just 1974 to 1980, but the man knew how to build and he found some interesting players. In this clip, as Duke smacks Maryland around, the Blue Devils have Jim Spanarkel, Mike Gminski, Vince Taylor, Gene Banks and Dennard on the court. And while it’s strange to see a Duke team focus on zone this much, Foster coached the 2-3 very well.

And what’s really fun is watching how well this team, not least of all Dennard, runs. They really get after it!

You get to see Dennard really get out but you also get a pretty special bonus prize: if you remember, we talked recently about what an amazing outlet passer Gene Banks was, that he could drop a pass from end to end without moving his feet.

He comes pretty close to doing that at one point here. Check it out. It’s spectacular.