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YouTube Gold: David Thompson’s NC State Hall Of Fame Salute

David Thompson still is the greatest ACC player in history and it’s not that close.

North Carolina State’s David Thompson, 1974 Playoffs
UNITED STATES - MARCH 14: Coll, Basketball: NCAA playoffs, North Carolina State’s David Thompson in action vs Providence, Raleigh, NC 3/14/1974
SetNumber: X18496 TK1 R13 F12

Recency bias is a huge factor when you talk about all-time greats. A lot of UNC fans would argue that Michael Jordan is the greatest player in ACC history. Duke fans might argue for Christian Laettner and objectively, Laettner has the better case.

But both of them are behind David Thompson, and we think Jordan would probably agree.

When he was at NC State, David Thompson was like no one else. As you watch this video, you’ll see him do a little bit of everything: score, pass, rebound, block shots, defend.

No one could stop him and over his sophomore and junior seasons, NC State was 57-1. The team was on probation in his sophomore season and ineligible for the post-season.

There are some amazing plays here. Look for when he nearly clears Pitt’s 6-6 Billy Knight to block a shot. Look at the shot he blocks on 6-11 Billl Walton.

And while he played during the no-dunk era, watch how elegantly he maneuvers for alley-oops or high-flying layups.

And keep in mind what you don’t get a sense of here is how strong he was because, according to his contemporaries, Thompson was also quite powerful.

All in all, a unique and amazing player and someone who still remains the best in ACC history.