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Bob Huggins Steps Down At West Virginia After DUI Charges

And that means the carousel may be cranking back up!

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - First Round - Birmingham
Ironically, many West Virginia fans, players and administrators adopted this pose over the weekend as well as coach Bob Huggins resigned following a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania.
Photo by Alex Slitz/Getty Images

It’s hard to believe that Bob Huggins is this stupid. Why would somebody who almost blew up his career just a few weeks ago after making some disgusting comments on a radio show, only to somehow keep his job, blow it all up anyway?

Because that’s exactly what Huggins did when he was arrested for a DUI in Pittsburgh. It was either incredibly stupid and self-destructive or totally predictable.

Or of course, both.

Huggins got a DUI in 2004 which ultimately cost him his job at Cincinnati. He had a great second act at West Virginia and things had basically gone very well for him.

His second DUI cost him his West Virginia job Sunday night as Huggins resigned, almost certainly under pressure, because there was no way that West Virginia could keep him after that. If you haven’t heard about this yet, it’s pretty bad. He didn’t know what city he was in. He was driving a car with a shredded tire and had no idea. When the video emerges, as it will, it will be damning because the man was stone cold drunk.

That’s what he’s done to himself though. At some point, all of us have to come to terms with our decisions and their consequences. Hopefully Huggins will find peace and, perhaps after seeing what alcohol has cost him, consider giving it up for whatever time he has left.

For the rest of us, the news is this: the carousel is back on!

Who will get the Mountaineers job? It has some good points, starting with the Big 12. But it has some tough aspects too. West Virginia is not a prosperous state and even just the opioid crisis is not easy to deal with there. Life is tough.

Huggins built it into a powerful program, but he was probably uniquely qualified to do that. Huggins was born in Morgantown though his family moved to Ohio. He moved back for his last three years of college basketball. He knows the city and university as well as any coach could.

Still, for the right guy, it’s a great job.

Here’s a thought: bring John Beilein back. He knows the school and has succeeded there. It’s not like he’s busy right now.

Several of the names that have been mentioned so far, like Frank Martin, have ties to Huggins and after the last couple of months, that’s probably not something West Virginia will be that excited about.

If it’s not Beilein, who is 70 after all and not a long-term answer, then who?

Our guess is they’ll have lots of options and we’d bet that a lot of agents have already reached out on behalf of their clients.

Two guys we’d keep an eye on: Pat Kelsey at Charleston and Bob Richey at Furman. Both of them are ready for a bigger job and they’re relatively young. Either would be interesting.

But the perfect guy for this job, the one they’ll never get?

We’d say Shaka Smart. He could be superb at West Virginia and they’d love his intense approach.

Finally, it’s hard not to feel a little bad for Syracuse’s Jesse Edwards, who decided on West Virginia only to have this blow up in his face.