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Duke Recruiting: Cooper Flagg On His Rise

And some video too

SPRINGFIELD, MA - JANUARY 16: Cooper Flagg of Montverde (32) dunks the ball during the Hoophall Classic high school basketball game between Montverde Academy and Sunrise Christian on January 16, 2023 at Blake Arena in Springfield, MA
Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Great basketball players can come from anywhere: New York. French Lick, Indiana. Cheylan, West Virginia. Spartanburg, South Carolina. France.

Cooper Flagg, who has a lot of people very excited, is from Newport, Maine, population 3,133. which is a little bigger than French Lick and Cheylan, but pretty far off the traditional basketball map.

People found it with no problem once they caught on though and now they’re seeing him and brother Ace at Montverde. Duke, UCLA, Maine and UConn are some of the schools that have offered so far, but many more certainly will.

Dave Eid of Portland’s WGME asked him how he “stays laser focused at such a young age.”

Here’s what Flagg said: “I think the biggest thing is just appreciating every day for itself and I’m really just focusing on getting better one day at a time. Kind of just staying in the small picture and trying to stay outside of the future as much as possible and kind of appreciating what I have right here I this moment.”

Nuke LaRouche would be proud of that answer but he’s not wrong. It’s pretty smart really.

Here’s some more video of a guy who continues to impress. He shows every sign of being special.