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New Rules Announced For NCAA Basketball And One Should Be Kind Of Fun

Didn’t see this coming

Out of Arm’s Way
Bill Russell wore #6 at San Francisco, but it’s been a long time since NCAA players could use anything higher than 5.

The NCAA has announced several rules changes, notably one for block/charge calls. From now on, a defender has to be in position when an offensive player plants a foot to go up for a shot. Prediction: people will still complain on every call.

Now they’ll also be able to review goal tending calls during media timeouts, shot clocks will reset to 20 seconds if a ball hits the rim and is recovered by the offense.

Those are interesting but the most interesting, or at least the most visible change will be on jerseys: players will now be allowed to wear any number between 0-99. And that’s going to seem really weird for awhile.

But honestly, we started to wonder about this a few years ago because Duke has so many retired numbers - 13 in total, which is an NCAA record. These numbers are out of circulation:

  • #4 JJ Redick
  • #10 Dick Groat
  • #11 Bobby Hurley
  • #22 Jason Williams
  • #23 Sheldon Williams
  • #24 Johnny Dawkins
  • #25 Art Heyman
  • #31 Shane Battier
  • #32 Christian Laettner
  • #33 Grant Hill
  • #35 Danny Ferry
  • #43 Mike Gminski
  • #44 Jeff Mullins

That leaves 87 to go!

Just kidding.

It’s fun to imagine how this will evolve. Who’s the first guy to pick 99? How many teams will informally block guys from wearing 69?

Our guess is that someone pretty soon someone really good will take 88 and that will become a very popular number after that.