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Two ACC Notes You May Want To Know About

One happy, one sad

Furman v Virginia
Even Virginia coach Tony Bennett commented on the passing of Twitter great Phony Bennet.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Two general ACC notes we wanted to pass on Thursday morning.

First, as you may have seen, Triangle radio hosts Joe Ovies and Joe Giglio recently axed by 99.9 The Fan, which is owned by Capital Broadcasting, have decided to start their own media company where they will get into podcasting.

Their new enterprise will be called The OG Live Podcast Co., and they’ll start with shows on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, along with material posted on YouTube.

That sounds about right and smart. Radio will be with us for a good while yet, but radio is on at set times and people are drifting away from it anyway. Podcasts are much easier to fit in your schedule and they’re easily available on your phone.

And everyone has a phone.

In general, we’re seeing a massive move away from traditional media to podcasts and streaming video, and they have a pretty good chance of still dominating the local market.

You know what would be sweet for those guys?

If their company turned into a massive success and so thoroughly dominated the local market that Capital felt it had no choice but to try to buy it. That would be fun to watch.

The other news is not as happy as one of the really good ACC Twitter presences has passed away: Phony Bennett. As you’ll see in this link, even the target of his satire, UVA coach Tony Bennett, lamented his passing.

Also known as Chris Dembitz, he posted frequently and was always a fun and lively presence. It’s not easy to do Twitter right, and as far as we ever saw, not only was he decent, which is not common on Twitter, he used it like a rapier.

His wife posted that he died of cancer. He was just 49. ACC Twitter will be poorer for it. All our best to his family and loved ones.