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Thursday’s Brotherhood Playoff News: Jayson Tatum & Boston Try To Win Two Straight vs. Miami

Can Boston pull off a miracle comeback?

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Boston Celtics (116) Vs. Miami Heat (99) At Kaseya Center
Miami, FL - May 23: Boston Celtics SF Jayson Tatum gets tangled up with Miami Heat SG Max Strus in the first quarter. The Celtics beat the Heat, 116-99, in Game 4 of the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals.
Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

As you probably know, former Duke star Jayson Tatum is catching a lot of grief for Boston’s playoff struggles, as he did last year. And as we have said, great players step up.

But not necessarily right away.

As Mike Korzemba points out here, Michael Jordan didn’t win a playoff series until his fourth season. And LeBron James came in the league in 2003 but didn't win it all until 2012.

As Korzemba also reminds us, Tatum is just 25. His story is still being written. And as this article points out, Tatum is leading the league in playoff points since he joined the league.

No matter what happens in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals (which resumes Thursday night), barring a miracle comeback by the Celtics, Boston is probably going to retool somewhat. Tatum will continue to be the centerpiece, but there are almost certainly going to be changes.