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DBR Bites #24: Academic Rising!

Duke takes care of business in the classroom.

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Boston College v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The Duke Blue Devils have been taking care of their business this semester in the classroom, and that plus ACC revenue sharing are the topics of dicussion on DBR Bites Episode 24.

A couple of episodes ago, we took the team to task for their APR rating falling down to the minimum standard. Well, we give them tons of kudos for having a great spring semester in the classroom, led by Kyle Filipowski’s 3.925 GPA! We quickly discuss the high marks for Duke Men’s Basketball and we congratulate them on a successful semester on the report card.

After the break, the ACC is discussing a chance in revenue sharing to allow teams who succeed in bowl games or advance far in the NCAA Tournament to get more of a split in conference revenues. We caution that while the current football powers may be excited about this, this gives incentive for Duke Football and others to continue to be successful in the gridiron in December/January and on the basketball court in March/April.

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