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YouTube Gold: Jason Williams Destroys Kentucky In 2001

Jason Williams holds the ball vs. Kentucky.
Jason Williams getting ready to eat Kentucky alive.

When Duke played Kentucky in the Jimmy V Classic in December of 2001, things didn’t go that well. Kentucky built at 12 point second half lead, which led Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to bench his starters. He later said that his team needed those electroshock panels they use in an emergency room.

When they came back in, Jason Williams got going and scored 11 points in a 14-4 run. Duke eventually took Kentucky to overtime and won, 95-92.

Williams was superb throughout, finishing with 38 points on 12-21 from the floor and, most impressively, hitting 7 of 10 three pointers.

After the game, UK coach Tubby Smith said that “We had no answer for Jason Williams. We did a very poor job on him.”

They weren’t the only ones.

Williams was a nightmare to defend, but for Duke fans?

Williams was amazing because on the one hand, he was capable of stunning basketball, but on the other, he could play poorly or screw up too. But when he did, he could often flip a switch and just go off. He did it here against Kentucky; he ate Maryland alive more than once and he ripped off 17 points against a good UCLA team.

There was nothing quite like watching him take over a game.