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Duke Recruiting: Check Out This Boozer Twins Profile

Excellent work from Brendan

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 SPRINGFIELD, MA - JANUARY 14: Cayden Boozer of Christopher Columbus (2) looks for a lane to the basket during the Hoophall Classic high school basketball game between Christopher Columbus and San Ysidro on January 14, 2023 at Blake Arena in Springfield, MA
Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Normally, we try to link to articles that are for general audiences and not limited by subscription status, but the Athletic always confuses us, because sometimes, things are free and then later the same thing might not be. So we hope you can read this article about the Boozer twins by Brendan Marks because it’s certainly worth your time.

Their father of course is former Duke star Carlos, and Marks is pleasantly amused at seeing Dad bounce up and down as his kids learn the game.

And by learn the game, we don’t mean just shooting, dribbling, passing and defense. The twins are well ahead of most kids their age. They’re clearly very talented, arguably more so than Carlos, and he was pretty damn good.

As good as he was though, we don’t think he had their sophistication at their age, and how could he have had? Carlos grew up in Alaska, and talented 6-9 players don’t have a ton of competition. You have to be internally motivated to master the game in a remote region and Boozer needed a bit of polish when he got to Duke, especially on defense.

It doesn’t sound like that will be a problem for Cameron and Cayden. This is a great profile but the most striking part of it, aside from some of Carlos’s insights, is this statement by Cameron on what he’s looking for in a school: “A school that really wants me to be there, that loves me, and also just a school that’s really defensive-minded.”

That’s pretty amazing. Some guys who are wildly gifted offensively - and Cameron clearly is, with a grasp of the game well beyond his tender years - never fully master defense. That he sets that as a priority in his recruitment speaks volumes.

He gets a lot more attention than does Cayden, but the shorter twin is evolving into a superb point guard. He’s 6-3 currently but he could still grow considerably. And a gifted point guard is going to be at the heart of any solid team.

Obviously, with Cameron at 6-9 and Cayden 6-3, the Boozers are not identical twins and couldn’t, say, change jerseys at halftime if one is in foul trouble. But amazingly, they aren’t the only Boozer twins in basketball. Auburn University at Montgomery features the other Boozer twins and more amazingly, one of them is named Cameron (his brother is Zameron).

Cameron appears to have moved on to a professional career overseas, but still, it’s pretty amazing that there are two sets of Boozer twins.

The latter pair have studied communications and would like to work in TV together, which would certainly be interesting, perhaps particularly for fans who have had a bit much to drink and don’t realize exactly what is going on.