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Thursday’s ACC Player Movement News: Caleb Love Is On The Move (Again)

Duke v North Carolina
 CHAPEL HILL, NC - MARCH 04: Caleb Love #2 of the North Carolina Tar Heels looks on from the sidelines during a game against the Duke Blue Devils on March 04, 2023 at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Duke won 62-57.
Photo by Peyton Williams/UNC/Getty Images

Caleb Love decided to leave UNC after this past season, for whatever reason. It might have been his role and his relationship with Hubert Davis. It might have been the fan reaction to his play this year. It might have been the rumors that spread online, and that could be whether they were true or not (either way might have understandably upset him).

Or it could have been a combination of some or all of those things. Or maybe something else altogether.

Whatever led him to leave UNC, he chose Michigan and it looked like that was a done deal.

Only it wasn’t. Rumors (again) a couple of weeks ago suggested that he might not end up a Wolverine after all, which he denied, saying he was still all-in.

On Wednesday, Twitter lit up with the news that Love had decommited from Michigan, but it wasn’t entirely by choice: he simply didn't have the credits to transfer.

That’s really damaging for Michigan of course and comes on the heels of Hunter Dickinson’s transfer to Kansas and he’s not the first guy to have trouble getting in as a transfer: in 2020, Nojel Eastern of Purdue found that many of his credits wouldn’t transfer. And it happened again last year when Terrence Shannon was rejected, ending up at Illinois.

Still, given recent events in Chapel Capel Hill, you have to ask: what was he taking and why wasn’t it accepted?

How could you not?

Apparently the next two schools on his list will be Missouri and Indiana. He’s not like he’s our favorite player or anything, but we don’t wish him any ill.

Keep in mind that he if he chooses Missouri, he’ll play in the new ACC-SEC Challenge which could be interesting if the Tigers played UNC, Duke or NC State and a few other ACC schools as well.