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Podcast #516: Celebrate! Jeremy Roach Returns!

Our fearless leader is back!

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Duke v Virginia Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Jeremy Roach is returning for his senior season with the Duke Blue Devils, and we rejoice on Episode 516! The captain returns to hopefully help lead this team in its quest for a national championship, and we had to talk about what it means for Roach and for Duke. There’s nothing but positives on Jeremy Roach coming back and how the roster will benefit from it.

Also, Ernest Udeh is reported to be headed to Durham for a visit this week. We discuss how he would fit into the lineup as well as how Jon Scheyer can keep all of these scholarship players happy.

After the break, Jayson Tatum had a 51 point Game 7 for the Boston Celtics yesterday against the Philadelphia 76ers. That’s really good! In fact, it’s the best Game 7 ever! We had to discuss how great Tatum has been during the NBA playoffs. Finally, we end with some late-breaking news about conference realignment and how 7 ACC schools could be trying to figure out a way to break out of the conference’s grant-of-rights deal.

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